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Nicotine Cleansing Kit

Nicotine Cleansing Kit

This cleansing kit is perfect for anyone who wants to clear his or her system of ALL Nicotine and even some other harmful toxins. Our famous "4-Day Program" rids the entire body of ALL detectable nicotine, guaranteed. Our cleansing kit has also become a hit for smokers that in the process of quitting smoking, or even those who are exposed to second-hand smoke who are ready to cleanse their body of all nicotine toxins. This cleanse kit is also great for ridding the body of nicotine for those trying to pass a nicotine test fpor insurance. For smokers, this full body approach to detoxing is the first step towards staying clean. Our cleansing products have been used by thousands upon thousands of highly satisfied consumers and are known across the detox and cleansing industries as the nicotine cleansing product by which all others are measured. Each Nicotine Cleansing Kit comes with 2 self-test kits so you witness for yourself a passing test at home before you go and take a nicotine test anywhere else.

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Single Panel Nicotine Test

Worried that you are going to fail your upcoming drug test or nicotine test? Don’t be, because our single-panel drug test gives you accurate results. Use our top-notch detox products to cleanse your system, and the single-panel drug test will verify the results--you will know right away if you are going to pass your test. It’s our mission to help you pass your test and get on with your life!