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Nicotine Cleansing Kit

This superior quality cleansing kit is perfect for anyone that would like clear their system of ALL Nicotine and other toxins. Our famous "4-Day Program" rids your entire system of ALL detectable nicotine--guaranteed. Our body cleanse kit has also become a hit for smokers that are quitting, and those exposed to second hand smoke who would like to cleanse their body of all nicotine toxins. This detox kit is also a great fir for those subject to insurance nicotine tests. For smokers, it is the first step towards getting and staying clean. Our cleansing products have been used by thousands of satisfied customers, and are the known industry standard. Each Nicotine Cleansing Kit comes with 2 self-test kits so you can see for yourself that you are nicotine and toxin-free after using a cleansing kit from

Single Panel Nicotine Test

These inexpensive, simple urine tests ar